Balances energy, brightens complexion, improves facial contours.

Just like a piano needs to be tuned every now and then, so too does your body. Tuning forks are a wellness tool used to promote relaxation and bring your nervous system, muscles and organs into harmony. This vibrational sound therapy is a needle-free treatment that effectively rejuvenates the face, mind, body and spirit. 


Treatment options

50 minutes | £125

*All prices refer to treatments at London clinic. 30% reduction in rates available at Margate clinic on request.

What to expect

The forks are placed on key points of the body and face, like the jowls and chin, gently relaxing or tightening muscles as needed. As the sound from the forks resonates, it stimulates blood flow and energy, resulting in a luminous and even-toned complexion. This non-invasive technique is ideal for treating areas that are difficult to access with needles, such as the throat and neck. 

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