“Five years younger”

Since I have been doing micro-needling and acupuncture facials with Marlene, I no longer need to use botox or fillers as I did before and everyone has commented that I look five years younger.

— R.A. (Facial Acupuncture)

“More radiant”

During the weeks following the treatment my skin was noticeably plumper, smoother, rosier and just more radiant.

— C.N. (Collagen Induction Therapy)

The treatment is so beautiful and continues to work long after getting off the bed. The experience is totally relaxing on so many levels and the sense of nurturing is wonderful. 

— T.W. (Chi Rejuvenation Facial) 


“Firmer jawline, fuller cheeks”

When I first met Marlene my face was tired and slightly sagging. Since I have seen her regularly, my face has become more plumped, my jawline firmer and my cheeks fuller.

— E.M. (Facial Acupuncture)

“More refreshed and relaxed”

The treatment makes my face appear more refreshed and relaxed. My brow has lifted and I look more awake and less tired. It is the only treatment that has been able to banish my bags and dark circles.

— G.A. (Facial Acupuncture)


“A noticeable difference in my complexion”

Apart from feeling relaxed, after the treatment I could see a noticeable difference in my complexion. The most obvious change was my jawline, which looked much more defined and my cheeks which felt a lot firmer.

— B.C. (Facial Acupuncture)