Five natural beauty tips that actually work

There’s a certain satisfaction in going back to basics when it comes to beauty. Swapping chemical-packed liquids and gels for organic, naturally potent ingredients opens up a whole world of solutions to common problems. Women and men have been using natural miracle products coconut oil and rose water to improve signs of ageing, acne, oily skin and lacklustre complexions for thousands of years, and with good reason. These are a few of our favourite natural beauty and skincare tips that actually work, and why.
Cleanse with rose water
As a natural anti-inflammatory, rose water works brilliantly on sensitive skin. Its oils trap moisture into the skin, so it won’t dry it out as with many artificial alternatives. Research has also suggested it could reduce damage caused by sun exposure. Wake up your skin in the mornings by soaking an organic cotton wool pad with it and wipe lightly over your skin. You shouldn’t need to follow up with any moisturiser.
Rejuvenate with clay masks
There are plenty of different mask formulations to choose from, but clay ones remain the best for tightening and brightening your skin. Clay masks clean deep within the skin, soaking up pollutants and grease. Apply a thin layer after a shower or bath, so the steam has had a chance to open up your pores. The crucial part is not to wait until it’s become dry and flaky to rinse it off; by this point it’ll have drawn out essential moisture.
Detox with Epsom salt
Despite the name, Epsom salt is actually a compound of magnesium and sulfate. Both of these naturally occurring chemicals are easily absorbed through the skin, allowing you to reap their healing benefits. Sulfates can help to rid the body of toxins while magnesium reduces inflammation. If you’ve have a stressful day or pushed your body hard at the gym, throw a handful of Epsom salt a hot bath (top up with olive oil for extra moisturisation) and feel the tension slip away.
Moisturise with shea butter
Shea butter is derived from the nut of the African shea tree, and is a wonder product for tough or dry skin. Unlike many other seed oils, shea butter contains remarkably high quantities of healing nutrients and vitamins. These make it ideal for treating eczema, blemishes and signs of ageing. Swap out perfumed body lotions for a tub of organic shea butter and massage it into your skin, or add a spoonful to your bath.
Use coconut oil
There’s not much you can’t use coconut oil for. Its unique combination of fatty acids means it keeps moisture in the skin, while its rich vitamin E content helps to prevent the signs of ageing. Lightly wipe your eyelids with it to remove stubborn make-up at the end of the day; leave it to sink into your hair overnight for a softening effect or mix with brown sugar for a gentle yet effective body scrub.