Sound therapy series: Tibetan singing bowls

We’re constantly looking for new ways to take better care of our whole selves: mind, body and spirit. One of our most popular treatments which does just that is Facial Rejuvenation With Tuning Forks; it harnesses the soothing power of vibrations to rebalance your Chi. So as part of a new series, we’ll be exploring sound therapy techniques that nurture your energy, helping you to feel more calm and in harmony with yourself.
Tibetan singing bowls have their roots in early Buddhism, when monks would strike the bowl’s rim to signal the start and conclusion of meditation. They’ve been a mainstay of mindfulness practices for over a millenium, with the earliest discoveries of singing bowls stretching back to the 8th century. Today, we use them to support our wellbeing as an aid to yoga, sound healing and, of course, meditation. 
Like all sound therapy tools, Tibetan singing bowls work by recalibrating the frequency of our brainwaves. The technical term for this is ‘entrainment’, which aims to restore balance to the mind by tuning those waves to a certain rhythm. Tibetan singing bowls produce something called the ‘fundamental frequency’, the lowest resonant frequency, and it’s this pattern of vibrations that our brain attunes to. 
The result is a sleep-like state that relaxes our minds at the deepest possible level. This has a domino effect on our Chi, as the renewed balance of the mind spreads throughout the energy of the entire body. You can use Tibetan singing bowls at home to hit the ‘reset’ button in your own environment, whenever you need to. 
Begin by creating a nurturing atmosphere, either in your bedroom or a dedicated space for taking care of your wellbeing. If you’re using your bowl at night light scented candles, rather than introducing artificial bulbs into the equation. Rub the rim of your Tibetan singing bowl with its paddle to start the vibrations. Lie back on your mattress, or on a padded mat on the ground, and tense then loosen your muscles in turn until your body is completely relaxed. It’s as simple as that – remain in this rested state for as long as feels comfortable and you’ll emerge revitalised and rebalanced.