Chinese medicine seasons: Autumn

It’s easy to stress how important good health is for beautiful skin, but without thinking about your wellbeing in relation to the world around you you’re only going to get halfway there. Different seasons put different stresses on your body, and we root our reactions to those in the teachings of Chinese medicine. This ancient wisdom sees health holistically; we are part of the natural landscape, and shouldn’t try to live in conflict with it. Following the teachings of the Chinese medicine calendar can be a genuinely useful way of connecting with our bodies and existing in a more harmonious way.
As the leaves begin to fall and the days get shorter, the Chinese medicine calendar moves into autumn. Traditionally, this season is associated with metal, with an emphasis on purification and refinement. It makes this the perfect time of year to work on getting rid of any unnecessary or toxic influences in your life and body. Each season of the Chinese medicine calendar is linked to an organ, which in this case is the lungs. They similarly represent the process of purification, taking in elements of the outside world and eliminating anything that isn’t helpful to our wellbeing. Following the calendar gives you a framework in which to focus on this one process, giving you a much better chance of following through. 
The benefits will definitely show up on your face. Adopting certain practices throughout this season will help to decongest and consequently brighten up your skin, as your body rids itself of an overload of toxins. The first step is to boost your digestion, starting with adding fragrant spices such as cayenne and ginger to your cooking. Modern diets are often low on fibre, a key component in regulating digestion, so it can also help to eat more root vegetables and organic whole grains during autumn. Help your body along by taking probiotic supplements and dry-brushing your skin. There’s also no better time to build up to drinking two litres of liquid a day; it doesn’t all have to be water – green tea does a good job of flushing away toxins too. Finally, spend a good share of your evenings relaxing rather than working or staying out late. Working your body into a state of permanent stress will increase the amount of cortisol in your body, a hormone that will quickly undo all of your good work. 
If you’d like more guidance on your path towards a natural way of improving your wellbeing, please feel free to contact our founder, Marlene. Each of her holistic beauty treatments is supported by bespoke lifestyle advice, gathered from lessons with world-class Chinese medicine practitioners and her own extensive expertise.