How clean is your air?

‘Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe…’ so goes the refrain of the well-known Hollies song. And what, after all, is more natural or more vital to your existence than breathing? In its simplest terms, respiration is all about getting oxygen into your body and getting carbon dioxide out. Every time you inhale, you are filling your lungs with precious O2. This is then converted into the energy that powers your brain, your heart and all of your internal organs. So, all those breaths you take, without even really being aware of them, are important. The average adult inhales and exhales anything between 12 and 20 times a minute while resting. That’s a lot of breathing and a lot of chances to fill your body with essential goodness. But what if, in addition to the oxygen, you were also flooding your lungs with pollution, dirt, bacteria, dust spores and smog? What then?

Don’t take a deep breath

In late September 2017, London’s mayor Sadiq Khan issued an emergency air quality alert. His seventh warning in just 13 months. At the time he said, “The shocking and illegal state of London’s filthy air means once again I am triggering a high air pollution alert today under my new comprehensive alert system.” While measures such as the Ultra Low Emission Zone are currently being promulgated to tackle the pollution, the sorry truth is that London air is dirty. Very dirty. And far more poisonous to your health than you may realise.

Air on the side of caution

Pollution is an unfortunate by-product of any major city. As long as skyscrapers continue to rise, factories continue to churn and cars continue to clog roads, the air will be contaminated by all manner of filth and germs. There isn’t much that you can do to control your external environment, or prevent the intake of pollution as you rush to work or school. But there is something you can do to control the quality of air in your own home. The Kenko Air Purifier doesn’t just neutralise air – it improves it. At just the flick of a switch, you can rid air of harmful microbes and dirt while also creating an alpine-fresh atmosphere. It’s time to breathe deeply. Take a look at the Kenko Air Purifier here for more information.